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      I’m looking for a DVD Player / Recorder that has an “auto-pause” function when dubbing tapes to DVD.
      I have a lot of archive videotape that I’d like to transfer to DVD and I’m looking for a DVD recorder that
      auto-senses when a tape runs out or when the video signal stops because the tape isn’t full. This way,
      I don’t waste DVD space and I won’t have to sit there and baby-sit the process as I’ve a lot of tapes.

      Someone told me that Pioneer Model DVR-512H or DVR-511-H had this feature but are discontinued and I
      can’t find anything available by searching online (eBay, Amazon, etc.). I can’t find any description of this
      feature on newer models and haven’t had any luck on my own. Anyone have any idea what make & model
      has this feature? Sure would come in handy for partially recorded tape transfer & dubbing.

      Thanks in advance


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      I have Magnavox, Sylvania and Philips consumer dubbers and while they do not specifically mention this, each of them does automatically stop when the signal feed stops and either sit there and wait for me to resume, or actually set up for recording the next feed. So, none of my recorders continue eating up DVD real estate after the feed from any given tape ends the signal. These are all a year old or older and they all do this so I just assumed that most name brand systems in stores today would do so as well.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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