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      ok so i recently bought a sony CCD lipstick camera to be used as a helmet cam. now i am Looking for a compact camcorder with video input connections.
      i have been looking at things like this:

      i need to plug the yellow and the white cables it seems.
      this is the camerea that i bought.

      can anyone suggest to me some camcorders which would work for me? Thanks!

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      My Sony HC40 has video and audio inputs via the provided cable.

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      Before I can really give advice, I need to know more.

      For starters, what sort of quality do you need? WIll anything work, or do you need a professional camera?

      What capacity do you need a camera for? Is this just for a helmet cam, or did you have other ideas? Do you even need a whole camera with a recording deck, or do you just need a camera to pass images down to another device for recording.

      If all you need is a small camera for a helmet or something similar, try this camera. It has a simple dongle that allows to to connect the composite video (the yellow "RCA" plug) cable and the power cable, which you can either plug into a transformer and run on house voltage, or you can plug into a battery pack that runs off standard (and therefore cheap) household batteries.

      If you want total wireless on this, you can buy a wireless video transmitter at Super Circuits as well (or you can get one from Wal-Mart). Then all you need is a place on your subject’s body for the transmitter and two battery packs.

      If this isn’t what you’re looking for, by all means, elucidate on your needs and we can help you.

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      well i want to use it to make helmet videos of skiing, and also i would use the camera mounted to a car to make some driving videos. i would like to be able to put the fottage on my computer and edit it to make video compilations. so it needs to be good quality, but not proffesional.

      really i think i just want the smallest/best quality recoding device so that i can wear it while skiing. i dont really need a full size camera, becasue i only intend to use it for the 2 purposes listed above.

      the wireless video transmitter sounds interesting! do you have any links for this?


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      what about this cam?

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      I use Viosport helmet cams.(Adventure Cam III@520 lines res) Digital camcorders are a must. I have a couple Canon ZR100s that are solely for this purpose. The camcorder and camera power source go into a fanny pack. Video transmitters that have the power and data rate are very expensive and may require a FCC license. Also, transmitters are prone to dropouts- totally un-sat!
      Here’s a video I shot for some jet guys. The Viosport cameras were mounted up front while I shot from the back seat using a GL-1. Ground camera is a JVC-5000U.

      Viosport has lots of accessories for the videographer. http://www.viosport.com

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