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      I recently gave the site a face lift and would love to know what everyone thinks.



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      Setup looks good, interesting. You obviously have a special niche you hope to grow and that can be good, although I am personally a proponent for diversity, but there are STRONG niche markets for those who excel in a chose area of video services.

      Nothing at all wrong with it, but the site has a strong sense of WordPerfect to it. I am trying to learn that program to utilize some of the awesome third party elements I need to establish an eCommerce, chat/forum and general blog site for my primary focus on Video StoryTellers!

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      Heliman,there are a couple of problem that Ifound with you revised site. First, the home page is to the left of the screen while all others are centered. Second,from what I understandabout SEO your keywords in the meta data have to showup onthe page that it is atributed to. For example, if you have arial photographyas one of the keywordsin the meta data it needs to be on the viewablepage on the screen. If it is not, then the web crawlers will disregard the page.

      Other than thosetwo issues, I love your site as it is well designed and has intuative navigation.Nice work!!

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      The site looks great, but the biggest thing I noticed after being on the site for a few seconds was the amount of unused space where it’s just nothing but black. Another thing I learned from making my own site is that most people actually to prefer to read and browse on a website with a white background and black text. Since a majority of big company websites use black text on white, it will seem more professional if you do the same.

      One other thing I noticed from browsing around was that the small thumbnails you have on your site take a long time to load, I’m guessing it’s because the images are actually bigger than what they are displayed as. If you are using thumbnailed images, make sure they are resized to be the actual size they are displaying as. Waiting for tiny 1 inch pictures to load isn’t something your customers should have to wait on, especially if they have slower internet connection speeds. You can always link to the real image if you need to.

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      Great input everyone. I really appreciate it!

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