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      A friend of mine is looking for a high-quality video capture device. He’d prefer it to be an internal PCI card, but is willing to go external. He wants to spend no more than $400.

      I haven’t checked the market lately so I’m not up on what’s out there. Any suggestions would be welcome.


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      Check for Canopus cards.

      FAQ Video

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      Here is a site that shows the good and the bad of the Canopus cards so that you can make a better informed decision. I personally like them and use them quite a bit. There is a fairly good support center too if you have any problems. http://www.bestpricecomputers.ltd.uk/ent/canopus_video_editing_cards.htm

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      Actually, I have a Canopus TwinPact 100, which I’m quite happy with. I actually recommended this to my friend, but you can’t find a new one for under $400.

      Thanks for the link, I’ll be sure to check it out.

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