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      Looking for some high quality office type backgrounds Warm and cozy ornice elegant rooms.Wood panel office backgrounds with books and stuff. Maybelaw library looking or fireside chat kinda stuff. The kinda backgrounds you see on TV where they’re interviewing some Celebrity and they want to create warm,fuzzy,friendly ambiance in elegant setting.

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    What’s your budget? And how accurate do you need it to feel? A popular trend for low cost studios are virtual sets. Usually used in conjunction with special hardware, the camera angles are calculated to create the chromakey background it “should” see. But using a high quality 3D rendering program, you can create exactly the setting for your scene. Or are you looking for something kinda comedic for a humerous sketch? The celebrity interviews I see are either done on a talk show set or a promotional interview setting. The only times I recall seeing a chromakey like you describe is during some sort of spoof or throw away segment. So you won’t need video at all, you want a photo. But whatever you want, I can’t help any more without more details of your needs and/or uses.

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    I’d also look at photography sites to buy a picture and use green screen.

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    Ultra from Adobe (formerly Serious Magic) has some nice virtual sets:


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    I got on the web past few days and found abunch of stuff to build virtual sets.

    The adobe Ultrain the product suite is like $1,700. That’s way to steep for me.

    I found a fxhome.com with a product called Composite Lab Pro, which looks pretty good for $150

    Maybe a thread on virtual sets would be worthwhile.

    I think they are the future, because you can do so much with them.

    Any suggestions or recommendations onother Virtual Setbuilders would be a help as well.

    Barefoot Media:

    I wasthinkingof background photos.

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    They’re not the same quality as Ultra, but look at these:


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    Realitysets… looks like just what I’m looking for.


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