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      I’m new at this and have just made my first web videos for pay. This is for a Taekwando school. I am really interested in feedback that may help me do my best. Thanks.





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      Nice – Especially for a first throw.

      I only have two suggestions.

      1) Fonts – I think the video would benefit from some nicer fonts – look at Digital Juice’s Fonts of a titling program like Bluff Titler. At very least add a thin outline to the words and a drop shadow. Possibly look at other fonts in general – Look at http://www.esperfonto.com/ and http://www.will-harris.com/typepairs.htm

      2) On some of the crossfades you might want to speed the transition up a tad – maybe a one second length for the whole transition.

      Good job.

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      Evan, good work on the video! Like Birdcat I thought that the text could use some changes. Some of it is overlight and darker background at the same time. Some outlline or shadow should help it stand out. In each of the 2nd and 3rd videos there is a section during the voice over when the text is over a white background, perhaps some stills or video showing the subject being discribedcould be placed behind the text.

      Overall it is a very good way of displaying the subject matter. Nice upbeat music, clear to the point voice over and lots of video of kids having fun (you can’t go wrong with that).

      Keep shooting.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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