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      OK this would normally not be so difficult but in this case, it is.

      I have a household camera – Canon Zr500. Picked it up cause it was the only small camcorder I could find with an external mic port.

      I also have a Raynox HD-5000Pro wide angle lens. It comes with a bunch of adapter rings and it fit on several previous home camcorders I had before this except for my current Zr500.

      You would think Canon would know what the lens size is but noone there could tell me what the lens size is.

      In one case where I needed the wide angle, I resorted to cutting the carboard center from a toilet paper roll and modifying it to hold the lense to the camera with some tape.

      I’ve posted some pics here so you can see what were up against.

      could anyone suggest how I could mate these two together? Is there any other type of adapter, besides a ring that would hold them together?

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