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      Hey fellas I’m interested in starting a little home based business editing sports highlight tapes. My main customer base would be home school athlete’s. My computer is pretty solid as far as editing performance goes and my software as we’ll. I have knowledge in web and graphic design to. I’m looking for some advice on how to put it all together and run a decent part time service. Any tips on costs,hardware,software,operating a business would be greatly appreciated. Just looking to get some insight. Thanks in advance

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      Hi Theodore

      The most important thing when trying to get your name out there by maybe offering your services to a few local schools for free to let them see your work and then build it up to local sports events.

      Get yourself a business bank account so when you do get paid it has somewhere to go plus it shows your client that you are professional.

      As far as software, then I would defo say After Effects for the graphics like you see onSky Sports(UK) or NFL (US) and for equipment then maybe a Steady Cam rig or something to that effect (Maybe a flycam 5000to start off with if you are on a budget) for smooth shots and to help hold your camera for the duration of the game.

      When I started my business I went to see my bank manager and he put me in the right direction for making a business plan etc…..

      All I can say is start off slow and build it from there….. Hope that helps a little bit?

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      A former employee of ours ran a business similar to what you’re describing. Here are some of the things she found: getting access to games was very problematic. Many schools had their own videographers — student or semi-professional — and didn’t want to be bothered by her. Rarely could she shoot from the “press box” and almost never from the field level. So she would wind up in the stands, trying to get good shots while being bounced around by the crowd. She was pretty good at schmoozing, too, but none of her efforts to legitimize her business in the eyes of the school athletic officials ever really paid off.

      She also found it very difficult to market DVDs. Schools wouldn’t allow her to have any kind of sign-up table at the games and when she could have one it meant she had to hire someone to man the table and take orders. Then she had to find a way to deliver completed DVDs.

      She also encountered several schools where the coaching tapes were edited on site, compiled into a DVD and sold to student athletes at the end of the year.

      Her most lucrative strategy was to contact parents of players and shoot highlight tapes for DVDs to be used for application to colleges and athletic scholarship applications. Here again, however, schools were seldom willing to accommodate her needs and what she shot was often only marginally useful.

      Hopefully you can counter all of these negative aspects with solutions, or won’t encounter them at all, and create a successful business. Best of luck.


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      Theodore, I believe that sports video is a great niche and there are plenty of opportunities. I trust when you say “home school atheletes” you are referring to your local school. Depending on what your financial objectives are your approach will need to be adjusted accordingly. I was involved in this arena and found there was a limited return on my investment in time & equipment based on how much time I was willing to put into developing the business. Breaking down game films for highlight reels was very time consuming and the market cost for the final product rarely justified the time spent. There is sport video analysis software out there being used by coaches and recruiters. You might check into that if you are willing to make a financial investment and develop expertise. Like any business, you will need to consider the time and cost investment you are willing to make in order to launch a successful business. Most of the time, this type of business has what I call a long runway, you will need to put in a great deal of time & effort and some expense before it takes off.

      It all boils down to what you can provide that is not already being provided and at what cost. If you are looking for a few extra dollars to supportyour video interest, you can probably do that once you become known as the go to guy for High Schoolsports. Be prepared to volunteer a lot to get there. Also, check out the local news sources and cable TV local access. You can probably get a press pass that will help you get access to the press box filming area. I rarely had problems getting access. Showing up early andnot taking the best spot when there is a local videographer helps as well.

      Let me know if you have further interest in setting up a strategy for your business.

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      Sports highlight videos is one of our products. Our product has helped many student athletes receive college scholarships for their respective sports. Our primary area is football and basketball. Anyone can make sports highlight videos but…not every sports highlight video is a sports highlight video. If your plan is to make sports videos for the pleasure of the athlete’s family and friends that’s fairly easy and straight forward. To make sports videos that a coach or student athlete can send to a college coach or recruiter is a whole different thing. There are many aspects of the video college coachesrecruiters look for. For example – if the video sent is full of fancy video effects and music that overpowers – it will never get past the first screening by the assistant coaches or the recruiters. You have to know what is neededimportant for each sport – and you have to highlight the student athlete in such a way that showcases their skill without being overpowering. I have done sports videos for almost 25 years for both high school and college sports and now we also broadcast sporting events – it would be very difficult for you to get into one of the schools I service if for no other reason than I know almost all of the coaches and or their respective staffs which gives me a leg up on the competition.

      If you are going to do it just for family and friends (feel good videos) – things are much easier but you still need to know the sports and what makes the video interesting to watch. Just adding a title pageintroduction and then an hour of game film is boring and you will not get much repeat business. If you just plan to make a little extra money it’s not a bad way to make some but if you plan to make it a fulltime endeavor you have to do all the things that any other business would be required to do – plan, market and execute to plan.

      Our setup at a game is as follows: If we are not broadcasting we normally have 1-3 cameras shooting the game. For example 1 camera pointed at each end zone and 1 mid field (for football) and basketball 1 at each end of the court and 1 mid court we always have a mid-field or mid-court camera. Most schools will not allow you down on the field and for making highlight films its best not to be directly on the sideline. Our mid field camera is normally in or on top of the press box and our end zone cameras are normally in the corners of the highest point of the stands. If we are broadcasting the game we have a minimum of 3 cameras shooting the game. Most high schools do not require press credentials for regular season games however post season games require press credentials which are normally issued by the sponsoring High School Sports Association. College games are a completely different animal – if it is NCAA you need credentials to get into film and will need licensing to be able to sell the video (especially if it is an NCAA sanctioned game). Another consideration is even in youth sports such as Pop Warner and Little League require some type of credentials to be on the sideline or field to film.

      There is much to know and learn – my recommendation would be to do your homework, make the right connections with coaches, schools, youth sports organizations, know the sports you will be videoing, and find a niche that no one else is servicing. For sure know what is expected what you think is great video may be at the opposite end of what the coach or student athlete expected.

      Good luck and if you have questions let me know.

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      Only people that are in the video (or their friends) are interested.

      I did 135 video clips of a local drag race 10Jun2012


      The next day I dropped off 2 DVD’s with one of the main participants. One played RANDOM and the other played SEQUENTIAL. I suggest that they move everything to a USB stick if they are going to play the video for an extended period of time. Less wear and tear.,

      This was the 3rd race this year and I dropped off 100 DVD’s from the previous races at the GATE to be handed out to the race goers. They loved it.

      My plan is to have a few outlets that carry the FREE DVD’s A little advertising for local businesses is part of it. I can burn different DVDs for each business. So that their business info shows first on the sequential play. They may have an interest in burning copies of those DVDs for their customers. Besides sports action I do video of local points of interest.

      Another sports I have covered is GOLF.

      We start videoing (2 camcorders) just after the golfer places the ball on the tee and shut off right after the swing is complete. The “golf” catalog option; has the video up and displaying on a big screen within 15 minutes of leaving the course. The playback can be random. The short 10 to 15 second clip plays, then it jumps to 6 seconds from the end and when there is 3 seconds remaining (the swing) it switches to slow motion. Then the last 3 seconds plays TWICE at normal speed

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IWZIkzXo90 (3-Min 16-Sec) demo of some of the capabilities
      I did a screen reshoot of the playback.

      Hitting “enter enter” causes the playback to switch to slow motion and that segment to play again.

      Check out my web site and watch a couple of the videos.


      The software is free


      To run it just copy that file to a USB stick and rename it “catmydrive” and run it (after moving video files there). That does the standard catalog for Mpg video. Then have a renamed copy called “random” and click that. And away it goes.

      I also cover lots of political forums. Because they are always rigged.

      Good luck. Go for it. Video is fun.

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