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      I am looking to purchase a new camcorder that is semi prosumer level. Right now im seriously considering the Sony VX2000 or VX2100. However i feel like these cameras are outdated but i’m probably completely wrong. I was also looking at the Canon HV30 and HV40 but being that these are HD cameras that might cause problems when it comes to the editing. So pretty much it’s down to whether or not HD or 3CCD is what i should be looking at. Any advice will help, Thank you so much!

      ps. my budget is around $1000 give or take

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      Hi Borak
      You don’t mention what you want to use the camera for. An entry-levelprosumer camcorder (Canon XHA1 as an example) will cost you closer to $3000.

      I also own a Canon HV40. It is a very good camcorder and will hapily shoot both high definition and standard definition.I canrecommend it. It will allow you to gain experience while shooting great video.

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      I have used a VX2000 for many years. It is a great camera. I have two new FX1000 cameras and yes they are better, but if your final product is DVD it is hard to beat the VX2000. Some things I love about the VX2000, excellent auto focus even on moving subjects and low light. Line in/ Mic in switch. Excellent auto control of audio levels. Great battery life. Great iris/gain control operation. Easy to find buttons (in the dark). I did seriously think of buying up a couple more new ones before they disappeared, but I decided to go with the FX1000 to kind of “future proof” my business. Gerry in Calgary.

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      “Some things I love about the VX2000, excellent auto focus even on moving subjects and low light.”

      Gerry – would you rate the VX2000on par withthe Canon GL2? I am looking for a versatile camera – high shutter speed is preferred as Iwould betaping the movement of athletes.

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