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      What do you guys recommend for a newer prosumer/pro hd camcorder. I take alot of footage of racecars at alot of the local tracks, and normally the footage is taken in the afternoon throught the night. im thinking i’m going to make the step up to a bigger better camera. I would just like some recomendations.

      For the price range of 1100-1900$ what cameras do you all recommend?


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      for that price I would say you are best suited for a used sony FX7 or comparable. great low-light for the night stuff plus they have a good use for fast moving stuffs. More info on what kinds of things you are looking at would help for advice though.

      Hope this helps

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      In that price range, you really wont even be able to get much into the prosumer category, let alone professional.

      If you are interested in racing video, I’d suggest you contact a guy named Bill Channell – now retired but a really nice and knowledgable guy who is VERY good at racing video (http://www.racevideo.com).

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      Surprisingly, I haven’t found a good prosumer/pro HD camcorder within your budget. Are you filming commercially for an organization? If not, you could probably get by with a high-end consumer HD camera.

      JVC’s Everio hard disk GZ-HD40US($1,300)comes to mind. Very nice camcorder – the only thing I see unprofessional is the “consumer”design and the fact that it lacks A/V Input.

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