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      I have a question or two about VHS and MiniDV decks. I am considering enrolling in your video editing class but in the meantime I am putting together a video editing workstation. I have purchased a computer workstation, Canopus ADVC300, and need some assistance in purchasing a miniDV deck and VHS deck.

      I would like a good miniDV deck without paying the professional price, so I’m looking to what’s good and less expensive. I want something that has firewire connectivity for controller purposes in editing. The same for the VHS deck so I can convert that analog video to DV and then edit it.

      What about the JVC HR-DVS30U deck? Some people say yes and others say no??

      I have a ton of video’s to place into a DVD format for training presentation purposes.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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      Regarding MiniDV decks, I just purchased the Sony GVD1000 MiniDV deck and one of the uses for it is to connect to a VHS(analog) to record MiniDV(digital). It cost me $975.

      I also have a LITEON DVD recorder which handles both formats of DVD (+-). I connect this to a VCR and transfer training video as well to DVD. This unit cost me $275.

      If you just want to go from VHS to DVD, I recommend the LITEON unit…it’s a cheaper way to go.

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      Since you mentioned you DONT want to pay professional equipment prices, why not get a cheap (even used) mini DV camcorder and use that? I use my wife’s camcorder and It even comes complete with an LCD monitor. Imagine that!

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