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      Looking for some assitance. I am lookingfor a good video backpack for Panasonic HDC-SD9, accesories,tripod and enough storage for a light jacket/lunch. I am doing outdoor nature videos, scenerybeauty shots,and some locations require hiking a couple hours into the areas.

      Something that is quick to remove, afford good padding/cushioningand safe to set down on any terrain would be a plus. I have read many reviews about zipper blow outs being a leading cause of trouble with some of the popular packs but I attribute that to people overloading the pack in an effort to save themselves money. Most of these do not have a good way to support a tripod. I am trying to avoid those that have laptop pockets as well.

      My biggest problem so far has been finding something that will fit my 6’4″ 220 lb frame and not look like I ripped it off a gradeschool kid. Anyone have any suggestions?

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