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      I currently have a Canon Optura 30. I use it to film activities for our youth group, indoors and outdoors shooting. I am frustrated w/the Optura 30. I use the external mike conn a lot and added a wide-angle lense because I couldn’t take in a room full of people with the std. lense. But image quality is just "okay", nothing to write home about. And low light capability is useless, even in light conditions my old Sony analog camera had no problems with. I am often out at events all day and overnight so I’m looking for a small camera with good image quality and external mike/headphone jacks that I can haul with me everywhere. It appears the DVD and HDD camcorders don’t hold enough video to be functional (I’m often away from my laptop and power all day), but I could be wrong. I don’t really need HD video, can’t afford it. Good still photo capability would be nice so when I’m running (literally) around, I don’t have to carry a separate still photo camera. I’m looking for recommendations for a replacement for the Optura 30. And of course, not much $ in the bank so I have to watch price too. FYI – I use Liquid 6 and Studio 10 Media Suite for editing. Thanks

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