Looking for a dreamy/hazy look for my short film

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      Hello, I am shorting a short film that requires a few scenes to looks hazy and “almost” dreamlike but i definitely do not want it to look cheesy or “actually a dream”. Some of the ideas I had were:

      Should I shoot with optical soft filters or design them in post?

      I’m thinking of practically shooting with a 4:1 lighting ratio then, dropping the contrast and saturation in post.

      Some people are suggesting panty hose over the lens but I think that sounds ridiculous.

      I’d like to hear all types of ideas and suggestions.

      Thanks a lot everybody! GO TEXAS FILM!

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      throw your favorite glow on it and add a vignette.

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      You could also try Magic Bullet Movie Looks – They have presets for many things (look at Diffusion Max or Dream Look).

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      an easy way to achieve the “silk stocking effect” without a filter is to blur out the video completly then add a second layer of the same video on top without the blur and reduce the opacity to about 50 percent…you can also play with the blur amount and opacity levels until you get your desired look.

      Adding the vignette as grinner suggested would also be a nice touch, but you’d have to nest or render the two layers before adding the vignette depending on your particular editing platform.

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      In-camera, or in post….Depends on where your strengths are and what gear you got…

      I prefer to get things right in camera, as my final cut skills are not up to par with my lighting and photoshop skills.

      I have a rare, collectable Pentax 85mm 2.2 soft focus lens for my d-slr.

      I know from experience that it is time consuming and hard to replicate the look of that lens in Photoshop cs2 to make an image from another lens look like an image shot from my 85mm soft.

      I don’t know if videographer use the still photographers term “Bokeh” (pronounced bouquet).. to describe out of focus and highlights areas of the lens but this lens is unique and I’d rather shoot video on a d-slr with it than attempt to replicate it in final cut.

      so you can go with a diffusion filter, a spot diffusion filter, uv filter and vasiline, a starburst filter etc in camera…

      or if you got the post production chops go at it in post.

      I’d do it in camera.

      oh btw.. panty hose over the lens… it was good enough for starlets from Vivian Leigh to Marilyn Monroe.

      don’t knock it till you try it.

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      another tip if you go in post….

      duplicate your clip in a new layer… add a HUGE amount of gausion blur to the top layer…

      set your blend mode to “Soft Light”.

      this will blur the shadows into the highlights….

      pull the opacity down to suit your tastes.

      then make your vinette…

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