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      looking for a camera to make amatuer videos and film local rock shows. i want a camera under $1000 canadian and to have user controllable settings(white level etc.) nothing to fancy. oh i want the format to be Mini DV so i can edit on my computer. any suggestions?
      thanks πŸ˜€

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      Hey, I’m not up to date on all the new cameras, but I do know other features you’ll want…

      I’ve filmed countless rock shows and I really really really wish that I had better low-light capability. I don’t remember what the lux rating on my camera is – but get the best you can afford. Also, make sure the camera runs great on an auto setting too. Manual features are great, but on-the-fly at rock shows I usually let it automatically balance everything then just lock the settings.

      A decent on-camera mic is an obvious must. Also, make sure that the camera feels good in your hand. Hand-held for shows is so much more interesting than tripod shots. Optical (not digital) zoom is helpful. I have x10 and I use it all the time.

      If you find all that and a pair of earplugs, you should be set!

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      Hi–when in Quebec 3 years ago, I bought a nice little Mini
      DV camera–a JVC. I still use it, but it has a serious limitation: I can’t use an external microphone.

      while trying to make a short documentary on a community bicycle project in france, i shot some interviews with the organizers. Alas, this footage is virtually unusable because the audio is so poor.

      I’d say that being able to plug in an external mic is an essential feature.

      Best of luck in making your videos,

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