Looking for a camcorder for film 2200 and below

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      As the title says I’m looking for a decent camcorder 2200 dollars and
      below. I would be using it for short films and the what not. My
      situation is this I have Windows Vista 64 bit and everything I’ve read
      up on most cameras that have firewire ports to transfer video do not
      work. Now I’ve seen a couple of cameras that have flash memory or take
      cards. So what would be the best bet. And the 2200 would strictly be
      just on the camera.

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      NEX-VG10? I have been using a NEX5 that I intended for use as a backup and B roll camera a few weeks ago, and the past 2 weddings I ended up using it far more than my HVR-Z5Us. The VG10 is the same type of sensor built in to an actual video camera body and captures to flash media. I won’t say the NEX5 beats my Z5s in the lower light areas, but it is definitely not bad, and I believe the NEX-VG10 performs a bit better in lower light than the smaller counterpart.

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      William — I edit on a Windows Vista machine too. I take the SD card out of my DSLR and put it directly into my computer – no need for firewire. Sounds like you need an SD card camcorder or DSLR. But beyond that, it depends on your shooting style, and ultimately, what you want to see on the screen.

      The NEX-VG10 is a great “DSLR in camcorder’s clothing”, and produces cinema-like shallow depth of field with its large APS-C sensor and interchangeable lenses, but it does not have the 1080p video, power zoom, manual audio gain control or XLR inputs that you would expect in a $2000 camcorder. The DSLR-style large sensor and high megapixel count of the VG10 also make it liable to aliasing — crawling colors on shingled roofs and patterned clothing.

      If shallow depth-of field and interchangeable lenses are important to you, get the VG10. But if you want crystal clear 1080p video, a power zoom, manual audio gain and built-in pro XLR inputs, I suggest the Canon XA10.

      You can spend less on something like a Sony HDR-CX560V, a Panasonic TM-900 or even a DSLR like the Panasonic GH2 (and still make great short films), but the XA10 gives you a pro quality camcorder for less than $2000.


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      Bill thanks for the answer I am considering making myNEX-VG10 purchase in December and wanted to get some real feed back. Thanks again.

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