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      Hello Everyone-

      Not to beat the proverbial dead horse with yet another question about camera advice, but…..!! I have an XL2 (love it), and now need a second camera. I’m wondering if there’s an issue with staying with the same manufacturer (Canon) for picture continuity. I’m looking to go HD, been looking at the XH-A1s.

      Secondly, I’m a bit confused about the 1080p vs. 1080i, and what is a true HD quality video. Obviously I’d like the best quality for the money, and I don’t mind spending a bit extra for it.

      Any input greatly appreciated.

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      I used a DVX 100B for a couple of years and I’m switching over to Canon. I was very impressed by what I have read, what others have written and the HD videos I have seen from the Canon HFS-100. I want to go HD at this point and this camera is probably the best you can get under $6,500 or so a Sony EX-1 would cost you. Compact, full of features, great lens, and huge chip for a camera this size. From what I understand, professionals are starting to look at this camera for B-roll. The big advantage for this camerais the tapeless workflow – uses a codec (data compression scheme) which allows you to use relatively inexpensive SDHC cards. Since the workflow is tapeless the camera essentially has no moving parts – no tape transport mechanism, etc. Higher quality, no moving parts equals a much more reliable, longer lasting, robust piece of equipment.

      Best way to understand progressive (p) vs interlaced (i) is only half of the resolution (effective pixels) are avaiable for viewing in interlaced processing at any single point in time. So the real resolution of 1080i would be 540 lines of resolution. Progressive processing allows full resolution so the true resolution of 1080p would be 1080 pixels. 720p actually would have higher resolution than 1080i.

      Modern HD sets all process in progressive mode. To take advantage of resolution available for modern HD televisions you want to use the highest resolution possible for viewing – 1080p. If you plan to use your footage for analogue TV at 480i (240lines of resolution) then stock at higher resolution, although higher in quality, would not necesarily make that much of a difference.



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      “720p actually would have higher resolution than 1080i”

      lol, I said that once and they didn’t believe me. glad to hear someone else gets it.

      I think it’s important to note that a lot of the lower end HD cameras are not truly recording 1080p. They are fudging something. If you’re trying to get something to compliment your XL2, I don’t think it really matters though because you’re going to be down-converting to SD at the end anyway, right?

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      Being a long-time owner and user of an XL1s rig I get your love of the XL2. Seeing how Rob put it ‘you’re going to end up down converting it to SD’ for the majority of your output, you may just consider getting another XL2. If you’re doing 2 camera shoots, getting the imagery from two different model cameras to match up is tough to do without a serious working knowledge of camera settings and monitor support. The XH-A1s would be a better match and you could shoot in DV with it on a 2 camera shoot with your XL2. Unless you specifically want to build an HD archive and depending on what your clients want it would be a lot less headache to just shoot in DV.

      Far as 1080p vs. 1080i vs 720p goes, I dig 720p. You get great imagery, the clips take up less space on drives and unless your client asks for 1080p specifically they can’t tell the difference anyway. I’ve moved away from interlaced video because I end up ‘deinterlacing’ it anyway to cut down on those funky interlace artifacts that show up when a subject moves on screen.

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      For some of my projects I will have to match the SD footage, but I’m also shooting a race team and will likely exclusively shoot with HD once I get it. Right now it will mostly be web content (the mixed footage).

      I need a camera with focus/zoom rings as I do a lot of critical focus/DOF shots. So the Canon HFS-100 and the like aren’t really an option.

      In my research browsing, I just came across this rig: http://www.itechnews.net/2009/07/21/panasonic-avccam-ag-hmc45u-professional-full-hd-camcorder/#more-24994

      Pretty slick- and very small! Perfect for mounting my race car. Looks like it’s only in Japan right now. Just contacted my buddy that lives there to see if he can locate one to check it out.

      I think I now understand the 1080 p vs. i now. Thanks for that. So it looks like Canon is out of the picture, as I can’t find any that record at 1080p. Unless I’m missing something. (cams that have manual focus/zoom/iris rings)

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