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      Hey everyone I am looking at buying my next editing computer. Now
      remember I am in Ukraine so my choices are limited but I have searched
      far and wide here to find a good computer. I would like your expert
      opinion’s on these two that I have found. Now I am not a computer
      genius so your help would be valued very much.
      First the desk top
      Core 2 quad Q9550(775p,6+6m,2.83G)Box
      4 Gigs Memory
      Two 640.00 GB hard drives Samsung HD 624JJ
      PCX ASUS EAH4870?HTDI?512M
      ATI Radeon 4870 512 Graphics card
      DVD+/RW SATA LG GN20NS10 Black
      That’s the basis’s on the desk top
      Now the lap top I will give the info that I got

      Its a ASUS
      17.0 WVXGA +(1920 BY 1200)// CORE 2DUO// t9500//2.6gH
      800//I965 pm Express// DDR II // 2 by 2048 (mb//640
      2 times 320 GB hard drives 5400 RPM// Blu Ray
      SLI n Vidia Ge force Go
      Fully set up for HD

      Both have Vista Home Premium
      I hope I put enough info about theses two computers If you had to chose between theses two what would your choice be
      The desk top of course is 900.00 dollars less than the lap top, plus I
      have not really gotten into doing HD vids as of yet Ukraine is not that
      advanced yet so keep that in mind. I am running Vegas 8 with herglyphs
      sound forge cine score and several other apps with AE as well.
      I look forward to hearing your opinions
      and A big thank you in advanced

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      Sounds like a winning combination you’ve put together. On the one hand, you don’t need a Blue Ray Drive if you’re not doing HD work. It’s nice to have, but if you can get a fast DVD+- Burner for less with your order, I’d run with that.

      As for choosing between A desktop or a laptop as your primary non-linear editing device, that’s a tough choice. A desktop unit will be far more robust and flexible with upgrading parts and have greater potential for CPU, RAM, GPU and harddrive space. In addition,desktops can natively apply multiple monitors as most modernvideo cards accomodate them. Laptops currently max out at 18″displays.A desktop pound for pound is less expensive than a laptop and can take far more hours of running time over its working life. The main drawback of a desktop is it’s lack of portability. A laptop on the otherhand is very portable and some PC models are designed for rugged outdoor field production. Laptops portablity makes them able to be setup almost anywhere in a few moments and don’t have the backup power requirements as a large desktop. Laptops currently run duo core CPU’s, 4GB’s of RAM and can host powerful mobile GPU’s all in a portable package. The drawbacks of a laptop are;they are highly pilferable (leave one sitting around and watch it walk off), delicate, and their harddrives are not as robust as those on a desktop (though they have gotten a lot better over the years.) Lastly, pound for pound they are much more expensive than a desktop. Laptops also have a shorter working life than desktops which is a consideration when it comes to price.

      You’ll have to decide where doyou do most of your editing work? Is securing your NLE going to be an issue? (if it’s a laptop, say ‘YES’.)How longdo I plan to use this particular machine before it’s obsolete? Howpractical/expensive will it be to upgrade select components? These are just a few questions though there are many more.

      Good luck

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      Hey Composite 1

      Thanks very much for the feed back. I do most of my editing at home so it would work better for me to get the desk top, and I would prefer the desk top as well since it will last longer and more robust. It was just some nice stuff on the lap top that was tempting me. I wiork in Ukraine and they are far more less advanced then we are in the states so it would be a while that I would need H. I will probably go with the desk top since I do not do any on sight editing anyways. It does help to get others opionion Thanks a bunch again for the imput

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      oops I made some mistakes there that Is work and HD

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      Don’t sweat it. My Ukranian is a bit rusty too!

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