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      i am fortunate enought to be able to travel to europe during the summer of 2007 and i’m planning to take my video equipement with me. i’m looking for a good, sturdy, customizable backpack that will house my GL2 and various other accessories. i would prefer a backpack because i will be doing a lot of walking and this seems most convient. Im really just lookin for any kind of case that will protect my camera. Does anyone have suggestions?

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      Hey Gorilla,

      The June 06 issue will have a whole bag article in it. We received bags from almost everybody, including our staff members. You can check it out on May 16th when it hits the stands.

      I own a Kata backpack called the R103. It fits a GL2, shotgun mic, large batts, light, and has a laptop compartment. All my gear survived NAB in one piece, and I’ve hiked it into some pretty unfriendly places.


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