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      edited this and thougth i could mabye get some feed back good or bad just to help me!


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      I enjoyed your video. It was long enough to entertain and short enough that it didn’t become overly boring and repetitious. You had a good selection of angles and shots, an overall nice mix that helped maintain the pace of the song you used.

      There seemed to be some different cameras used, if so you did a decent job of mixing them up. If not, well then I’ll just chalk up the perceived difference to time of day and exposure settings or something.

      Fun to watch. Maybe a few tighter shots (I know, tough with the speed and movement, especially following on the board with a camera) might have been nice.

      Gets a A- on my scorecard.

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      thanks that helps alot and yes two diff camras

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      Very fun video to watch. As Earl mentioned, it would’ve been nice to see a few more shots of you following another rider. I know in traditional skate videos they do this all the time…granted they aren’t going as fast as you are on a long board. But the footage fit the song well. Keep it up.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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