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      Recently I had a great need to record via tripod for 6 hours straight. But of course my battery last 1.5 hours and more batteries cost nearly $75.00, then you must stop and restart the camera, I could not stop. I had a paradox. Having an extensive background in the IT field I took the issue to counsel, really I slept on it, then it came to me. I bought a UPS battery backup that is used for computer systems. But alas, if it is not plugged in it BEEPS over and over. Again I pulled from my database of IT experience. I did a very simple surgery procedure on the UPS battery backup (see video below) and presto, 22 hours (give or take) of battery power. I have even made a light weight carrying case to put it in and sling it over the shoulder if need be.

      Now one concern, when unplugged the system is made to shut off in 30 minutes, so ensure that your camera battery is fully charged and watch for the onscreen camcorder battery logo. When you see it just reach down a turn the UPS back on. No biggie. What is awesome is that this works, I have used it for the long sunset shots and many other on location shots. If you follow the procedure in the video it is simple to remove the BEEP. But it does take a few shoots to get use to watching for the battery logo and remembering to turn it on.

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      Cool idea. What I use is a deep cycle battery with an inverter attached to the terminals. I have actually gotten about 3.5 days out of this setup before the deep cycle battery fully discharged (camera only plugged in). The problem for me became capacity of the recording media. With this setup I have run lights, camera and laptop that lasted a full 14 hours.

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