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      Hey all,

      I”m getting an affordable 7″ monitor so I can monitor one omy cameras, while working on my other camera. [I’m one guy running 2 cameras] This will require a HDMI cable of 50 feet to be safe (I could do 40, but can’t find one of those).

      Does anyone here recommend a HDMI cable brand that will do this effectively?

      I read reviews about challenges with traveling this far with an HDMI cable, but being that it’ll be on a small 7 inch screen I’m not too concerned, I just want to ensure that I’m in good focus.

      I’m sending a 1080i signal from my TM900 to my lilliput 667gl.

      Any thoughts?

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      First thing you should not have to pay $20-$45 or more for a blasted HDMI cable unless it’s really long! The stuff in ‘S-Mart’ and the like is way overpriced and does the exact same thing a cheaper unit does only for more money.

      For up to 15ft cheap, check out:

      Amazon.com HDMI Cables

      For longer cables check out:

      Markertek.com HDMI Cables

      They’ve got a good deal on a 50ft HDMI cable. Make sure you know what inputs you need. Some gear takes a mini-HDMI instead of a standard one or you may need a mini/standard mix.

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      thanks man.. i took your advice.. went with amazon… and I did need a mini so I had to get an adapter… can’t wait to see how they all work together… i do lecture vids from time to time with two cameras and I’m the only camera guy… and audio guy… πŸ™‚ so being able to see my other camera and know it’s all good is some good piece of mind.. eventually i want two of these lilliput monitors so I can be sure to have a solid focus.. but can only afford one for now.

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      Glad to be of assistance. I too do a show with kids and sometimes use a video capable point and shoot. It has an HDMI output but it’s a mini so having a mixed line comes in handy. Happy shooting.

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      cool thanks!

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      I bought one of the 50 footers off E-bay. Seems to work great, thought I have not put it to much use.

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      Hi OP,

      Usually most of the cable will be sufficient up to 50ft, but if you are looking for affordable hdmi cable option, then you might have to choose for some legit site, usually the hdmi 2.0 or cables with ferets, will increase the signal strength up to 100ft or, you can use hdmi extender too !

      you can try here >> http://www.primecables.com/en/c-1004-hdmi-cables-with-ethernet-14?property_ids%5B%5D=27

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