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      I capture my video to hard drive and then give copies to my users who view the video and mark down start, end and description times of important clips in excel. Anyway to get that imported into premiere cs4 so I don’t have to manually enter each of their clips myself? We only have one copy of premiere cs4.

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      If everyone has the same files, with the same names in the same directories (with the same directory names and paths) you can pass around the project file as well.

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      oops, just saw that you only have one copy of Premiere.

      What are you wanting to import and what are you trying to accomplish? With only one copy of the program I’m not really sure I understand what you are asking.

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      If you format the excel sheet properly (the way premiere wants it) you can import it as a batch list. You can check the help files for the colum names the spread sheet has to have.

      I think a better choice might be to use the ClipNotes export to create a PDF file that your users can add markers with notes to. These markers can then be imported into a Premiere Pro timeline.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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