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      If I were to capture/import footage from a DV tape, I’d be able to import only the footage that I WANT into the computer and editing software, but what if I’ve shot on a camera with an internal hard disk? I’ve logged all of my footage using paper and pencil – I know which part of a video file I want to transfer over to my external hard drive (for example 00:01:03 to 00:01:40), but how can I do this without moving over the whole video file? I don’t want to move over ALL of the video files! Can anyone shed some light on this?

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      Could you just playback the file at 0:01:03 and then start capturing?

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      But how do I do that? When I used to capture footage from DV tape, the camera would be recognised by the capture window option. Now I’ve switched to tapeless, I can’t seem to preview the clips and set in/out points on the clips before deciding which ones to import and how much of each clip to import. I want to save hard disk space on my PC by not copying over footage that isn’t usable. Is it even possible to do this, or do I have to copy all video files off the camera to my PC?

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      It will depend on the system and software you’re using but in the iMovie environment, connected via firewire or USB with a compatible camcorder or player, you should be able to rewind, fast forward, stop and/or play your clip from the hard drive source just as you would have done with your tapes, selecting the in and out points, or manually setting your preview at the point where you want to begin recording then manually (if batch control isn’t available to you) end the recording. You should be able to then fast forward to your next in point and repeat the process.

      Of course if your program offers batch recording capabilities you should be able to set your desired in and out points then hit your go or start button and all your desired clips should be captured into your system.

      Most of us seem inclined to ingest ALL the footage so we have access to everything (those of us fortunate enough to have large storage and powerful systems where many gigs of content is no problem) and can make editing calls on the fly in addition to the initial rough cuts we select from all the footage. I realize this isn’t always possible, as you said about saving (conserving) your hard drive space on your PC.

      If your system, as it seems you are saying, doesn’t allow you to recognize the capture window option, perhaps there are preference settings or other connection modifications you need to look for in the manual.

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      I hear ya brother. IN the past year I started using a sony Z7u, recording to Compact Flash and MiniDV simultaneously. I use the tape as a back up. But the files on the CF card are just a series of numbers, now if I logged them as I shot (which never happens as a solo practitioner) I could take the file numbers and select only what I wanted, but there’s no way to view them, one is importing blind. I knwo some systems allow for in-camera alteration of the metadata, but I could just see me going thru menus to change the names of shots while time moves forward.

      For my personal projects I still use tape HDV, then I can select only what I want. It’s not for a lack of storage space ( I first edited NLE when a 9 gig drive was huge and cost three grand) but I don’t want to wade thru useless footage. At the day job, well, I wade thru a lot of useless footage.

      Tapeless workflow has some advantages, but as for time saving…. I think it’s a wash.

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