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      Hey Guys
      I finally got my camera, so some friends and I are going to enter some video contests. I have some questions though… How do I go about finding locations to shoot at and what do I have to do when I am filming at those locations? Do I need permits or what? Who do I get a permit from? How should I go about finding an office complex to shoot in? Thanks

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      It really all depends on the location.

      For public places, the local city or county government will control permits for shooting, though if you’re doing a small enough shoot, you might not need to bother. It never hurts to ask your local government, either way.

      Privately owned property is another story altogether. For offices, business locations, private parks, or any areas that aren’t owned by the public, you need to contact the owner. Expect each owner to have their own rules. Some will let you shoot for free as long as you give credit. Others will charge an arm and a leg. It can vary wildly. Start calling around and asking to speak with building managers.

      Also, give craigslist a try. They’re typically a pretty popular place to look for filmmaking help, locations, etc.

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