Loaded videos are blurry / and bezier masks have outlines.

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      Whenever I load a video (that looks nice and sharp in any player) into Sony Vegas Pro 8.0c, it is blurry in the Preview window, in “Preview in Player” and in rendered video, even using the Lagarith codec.

      I can add “Sharpen” to the EventFX, but if I do that then my bezier masks tend to have lines around them.

      I can find no option anywhere that I can turn on/off to fix this. It does it on two machines running XP Pro/Home.

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      Oops – here is a picture.

      On the left is the original Xvid video that plays fine, the right is the SVPro Preview in Lagarith codec.


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      It’s also possible that the editing software preview is shrinking or “compressing” your video so that the preview doesn’t slow down while editing. Cyberlink PowerDirector 7 has three preview options: High-res, Normal Preview, and Low-res. What you see in the preview area may not affect the video itself – just the fact that you cannot preview in full quality.

      Try exporting the video with Sony Vegas and use a media player (or Movie Maker/iMovie) to see what you’re getting.

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