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      I have recently purchased a Sony HXR-MC50P camcorder.

      I am in need of advice on how to use the camera for live view through my PC

      ( operating wnds 7, 64bit)

      (stop Motion pro)

      Most old camcorders had Firewire connections, plug it in and off you go!.

      Stupidly I assumed that my new camera would be able to either utilise the USB, A/VR, or HDMi connections.

      I tried using a friends AV grabber (Winstars pro) this failed to upload drivers as kaspersky didnt like it! I understand grabbers only stream in SD mode?

      I have also contacted Sony but still no reply

      Please advise as what I could do

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      no, there are many break out boxes that are HD friendly. Not sure you’ll find em at best beu next to the ulead products tho.

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      I think Elgato has something.. but why not just use a flat panel tv?

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      I need to be able to receive alive view through the ‘stopmotion’ software it also needs to reconise the camera..drivers are inastalled etc

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      Please see this link –

      shot with sony hxr-mc50p and edited on sony vegas pro11

      any ideas why I’m getting this weird stripe effect on hands?


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      Sometimes happens when you render interlaced footage to progressive footage, especially if you crop/zoom it a bit.

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