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      Hello. I was recently hired on staff at a resort hotel to be a technical assistant. This establishment hosts several different presentations each year, and wants to purchase some video equipment. The need would be for our conference room, where there are already two projectors in place. What they are looking for is the ability to run 4 fixed cameras into some sort of switcher/mixer and be able to send it to the two projectors. I am absolutley new to the world of live video, so can someone guide me as to what equipment I will need?


      – We handle a four camera system.
      – The display on the projectors has the ability to be a split screen showing of 2 of our cameras.

      I don’t have any idea what kind of gear I would need for this… I assume a video switcher/mixer. Do I need seperate gear for the split screen ability? What switcher do you recommend? Are there other components I’m not thinking of (don’t worry about offending me– again, I know NOTHING.)

      Thanks in advance!

      EDIT: Oh, and the ability to record, while nice, isn’t a priority. Audio is also not an issue. This is all for the live viewing audience, in house.

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