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      I work in the video production industry. My church has offered to hire me part time to install and operate a live video setup to record and upload sermons to their website. I eagerly obliged. I have experience with live video (td, master control, camera op, etc.), but the engineering side is newer to me.

      So, here’s my plan as it stands:
      -Pick up a small Canon HV40 (or similar) to mount high up in the back of the room.
      -Get a larger HDcamera (shoulder mount style) that will be more durable and use it with a tripod.
      -Pick up some more cameras later on as the budget allows.
      -Use the new Black MagicATEM 1 M/Eswitcheras a good quality, budget production switcher.
      -Run cables
      -Install (or build) a cheap intercom/communication system

      So, that’s a general idea of what I have in mind. Now for the questions.
      The ATEM switcher needs to have all of the same quality of video in. (HD1080 59.98) from each camera. It has 4HDMI, 4 SD/HD-SDI, and onecomponent videothat is shared with the first HDMI.

      So, I would probably connect the HV40 to the Component input (it outputs 1080i). Question becomes how to run that. From the back of thehallto the control booth location is about 50′ (through wall,plugto plug) from that camera. Question is, what cable to use? I was thinking RG6 Dual or Quadshield(3 runs each withBNCends). Anybody have experience with this? What’s the upper range of length for component cable?

      For the other camera, I would need to runwireabout 75′. Too long for HDMI, and camera doesn’t have SDI. So, I need to do one of the following (considering that I will likely have to add other cameras with the same setup).
      -HDMI to HD-SDI converter at the camera to take camera’s HDMI output and run it as SDI back to the switcher.
      -Run camera’s component signal back to the switcher and use a component to HDMI converter (cheaper than the sdi converter).
      -Use abalunoverethernet

      Which is best?


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