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      I know a bit about video scaling in real time and switching. But I am volunteering for a non profit that needs something I have never done and hopeful i can get some help.

      Basically I need to take some video in real time and take just the bottom part of it. And then when im displaying it I need to be able to display other video sources on top of that. I do not think i can do this with a simple PIP device because i only want the bottom part of the video. Does any one know of any equipment that would be able to do this for a reasonable price?

      Thanks in advance for your help.

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      You’ll be amazed how cheap used linear DVEs are now. Surf ebay and combine the one of your choice with the switcher of your choice. An old GVG100 and an ADO would be more than fine and many want folks to haul these off for em now.

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