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      I want to shoot basketball live and I want to add graphics and basket to basket scores, what software would be best to use? Any help would be great.

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      In Mac OS you can use BoinxTV. This program do exactly what you need. For Windows the only one I know is Adobe Visual Communicator. This program is not as powerful as BoinxTV, but with some extra effort you can manage a good show. To stream live with BoinxTV you need to download Camtwist and subscribe to any live streaming website (such as Ustream) I don’t know how to stream live with Visual Communicator and according to Adobe you need Flash Media Server (No idea of how this works)

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      If price is no object, NewTek has a system to die for that includes all the power you will need.

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      I will second the NewTek

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      This is how I webcast successfully on a PC :

      Canon XH A1s (in SD 4;3 mode)
      PC with Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit OS) and quad core processor (takes a lot of ressources to webcast)
      Adobe Flash Media Encoder 3.0 (free download)
      Adobe Flash Player – latest version (free download) account and creation of webcasting event (with the provided embedded code you rebroadcast live on any url)

      Of course you need a good wifi or wire internet connection with a min of 300kbps upload

      I don’t know how to add graphics using but a quick search should help you

      The workflow is a bit tricky but I can give more info if interested…

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      I produce radio talk shows and am also a talk show host of
      my own show (18 years). We have recently started using ustream in the
      studio to video our broadcasts. We would like to use chroma key to give
      us a cool studio background.

      I have Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 12 and we
      may have 14 around somewhere. We are using the Logitech Webcam Pro
      9000 (an excellent Web cam) with good results, but I haven’t a clue as
      to how we can set it up for live broadcasts with chroma key. Our
      computers are PC’s with Vista and one with MS 7.

      Any ideas?



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      Only chromakey live program i’ve seen is Adobe Visual Communicator. It is a very forgiving keyer and does great with good lighting.

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      Hi. My company had adopted an alternative to Newtek. It’s called Globecaster. Really it’s almost the same as Globecaster, but as a split off the original Newtek company, it was named Trinity at that time. I was one of the first in Burbank to use the now Globecaster. I use it to Live switch up to 7 camera feeds and/or roll-In video decks along with 3 down stream keyers at the same time, color correction and Titles… This thing ROCKS!

      It’s really solid and rarlely crashes. We stream Live events such as church services, Speakers conferences, Live High School Sporting events and Talent Shows, Weddings and Company meetings.

      A little pricey at first, you might find a good deal used, but worth every penny io what it delivers.

      I’m not a sales person for GlobalStreams, just a very Happy Customer-Client.

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      You should try as their Live Streaming system is truly great. They even do Pay-Per-View, VideoOnDemand, WebTV and IP Cameras.

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