Live Streaming a live band seems dead

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      My aim seems pretty simple. A band is playing, and I want to broadcast it live on(in this case, but the problem has not progressed that far yet.

      Can’t seem to get my almost brand new cam into the computer live. Can’t find the answers out there on my own.Once I do that I may be in pretty good shape.

      Camera – Sony HDR CX550V(good prosumer model, about $1,000)No firewire out, just mini usb and hdmi

      Interface – MacBookPro. It has FW800,400 and 2 USB’s. In research it seems older cams used Firewire and appears that’s what I need.Reading up on Quicktime Pro even supports that idea, as well as some Broadcaster thing they were saying works too till I read the fine print.Same deal.

      Now I can do it off the insight(Mac) camera it appears, but I don’t want to run around the stage holding a computer that is facing the band.How ludicrous! Aren’t we almost on Mars? What am I missing? The internet seems filled with people using their insight camera.What’s so tough about getting an outside camera into there? I just don’t get it.

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