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      I have been an editor for a while and a friend asked me to help at a banquet. She wants me to do a live projection of the keynote speaker on one or two screens. I have a Canon GS180 and a good projector with all of the inputs. What other eqiupment would I need? Thanks a lot

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      We do IMAG all the time for the Economics Club of Southwestern Michigan. We had Payton Manning last month and John McCain is next.

      You need a good tripod, fluid head and a stable platform as most likely you will have to zoom in from the back of the room.

      You need to position the camera close enough to the speaker to get a good close-up of their face. Everyone in the room will automatically see the wide shot with their eyes so try to stay close-up. Any movement of the cam or tripod will be magnified on screen so make sure you have a stable platform and keep people off of it.

      You should have enough video cable to go from the cam to the projector. We use Belding 8281. Very low loss broadcast cable but RG-6U from Radio Shack will work. Youll need an RCA Male connector on both ends. I crimp on F connectors then screw on female F to RCA male adapters. I’ve had a hard time finding a good crimp on rca connector for rg6u cable. you can also use BNC crimp ons and get BNC to RCA adapters but these are harder to find at your local electronics store. MCM electronics is a good source

      Connect the video out from the camera to the video in on the projector. Select the video input on the projectors control panel.

      A video distribution amp would be nice to make up for cable loss but its not mandatory. All have a video gain control and some have an eq control kinda like a trebble control for audio that allows you to increase the high frequency as this is the first area of the video signal ro be attenuated with long cable runs.

      The projector is best on the ceiling out of peoples way, but most likely you will need to put it on a cart in line with the bottom of the screen and 18-25 feet back to fill a 10×14 screen. Make sure whoever is arranging the seating leaves a space for this cart and all seats have a good view. Make sure you fill the screen to the edge with video. Keep all spot lighs and ambient light off the screens as this will wash out the image. If we cant locate our screen in a dark spot near the tallent we use rear projection to keep the contrast up in high ambient light situations.

      We like to play a Walk-in graphic as people arrive. I use Cool3d or After effects with the printed brochure of the event as a guide for ideas. Or I’ll playback a tape of the boats going by the lighthouse at sunset here in Michigan.

      Hope this helps!

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