live greenscreen recording and transfer to dvd

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      I would like to produce videos with chromakey (blue-or greenscreen).

      the video should be a virtual citytour.

      the background is preproduced, and the people will just sit on a bench infront of the greenscreen.

      it should look like the people are sitting in a truck driving through the city.

      for my understanding, the video with the citytour should be played in the keyedout background and the truck (car) has to be an overlay ontop of everything so that it looks like the people are sitting in the truck.

      what I would need is some hard or software that can archive this.

      the real challenge will be, that the video should be burned to vido-dvd direktly after recording in the shortest possible time.

      so it would be greate to record it directly as mpeg2 to avoid extra encoding.

      I already did some research and found sugestions like the tricaster pro and adobe visual communicator.

      before I start to spend a lot of money, I really would like to here some advice on how to archive good results.

      the budget would allow me to buy a tricaster pro (about $ 8.000).

      thanks for your help!


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      it sounds like you best contact a little studio with all the proper equipment and let them produce it for you for a few thou…

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      What kind of equipment are you looking for? Green screens, lighting, camcorder,editing software?

      The setup will need to be evenly and fully lit in order to get a good solid color. The software detects colors that are near to matching the specified chroma color – that’s the function of the Chroma Key.

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      I think I did not give you all the information needed.

      I will have to buy the equipment since we will use it on some kind of roadshow.

      we will do about 100 recordings a day and the people should be able to take away the recording on a video-DVD.

      so it should be possible to burn the recording to a video-dvd directly after the recording.

      I know what chromakey is and how to setup light etc.

      what I’m looking for is the soft or hardware that gives my the funktionallity of recording and burning like described in my first post.


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      Cyberlink PowerDirector (and some other consumer editors) have Chroma Key capability and DVD burning. If you are looking for an NLE, you probably won’t have to worry about whether or not it includes Chroma Key. If you want advice on a good camcorder, you’ll have to post more details. Just about any video camera will record fine and give you a solid color in a well-lit greenscreen setup.

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      it seems that it’s still not clear what I want.

      I know about chromakey and light and all that …

      so I don’t need information about light, cameras etc …

      I need information about hard or sofware that can do the following:

      – record a video where people are sitting infront of a greenscreen. the background will be keyed out and replaced by a video AND in the forground should be an overlay (in this case a car).

      – the result should be visable on a screen inrealtime while recording.

      – after the recording is finished, the video should be burned on a dvd.

      – the recorded scene is about 1,5 min. so the whole process (recording and burning) should not take longer then 5 minutes.

      I hope that it’s clear now.

      please read my first post also.

      any ideas?


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      Here is an article on how to get a greenscreen background to display in real-time while recording. and were the ones suggested.

      To get a live DVDrecording from your camcorder, I would recommend getting a real-time “DVD Recorder” that connects to a TV – similar to a VHS recorder, only that it’s digital on a DVD.

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