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      My school media class is trying to set up a live green screen. What is the most affordable hardware to do this with, would we use something like a video mixer? Or is there a software program that could put it out live?

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      we use a videonics mixer and can output live green screen. Also we have video toaster and it works fine too. The mixer board would be the less expensive way to go. Here is a link to one that videomaker reviewed

      This one is expensive but visit thier site to see some other less expensive mixers.

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      You could get a high end switcher, if your school is willing to pay for that, But I know some people who use a computer program called ULTRA. Its a little pricy, but cheaper than a switcher.

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      My old grade school does morning announcements, and the videonics mixer is the way to go.

      Check ebay for that and similar products.

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