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      I’m surprised this topic isn’t covered more here on the forums (or indeed the internet) – the challenge of filming a live concert (pop/rock). I’m completely new to this and feel reasonably comfortable with setting up a multi-camera operation, however, sound is where I need advice. If I want to film a live, fully staged pop concert (with authorisation from the organiser), how best will I be able to capture decent quality sound? If all instruments and vocalists have been miked up and these have been fed through a mixer – is there likely to be a spare output channel for me to “steal” the balanced audio? And is this what happens when you see concerts/gigs on TV/the Internet?

      Any help would be fantastic. Thanks.

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      1. Make sure you have releases from all the performers or that the producer who has hired you has releases from all the performers.

      2. Check with the sound guy. They’re usually easy to work with, but busy. He can probably free up a plug for you, but will rarely have the right cable to work with, so make sure you have a variety of cables and adapters with you.

      3. Ask the sound guy if he’s recording a CD of the performance. He can usually make a copy for you, then you don’t have to worry about sound, assuming he’s good at his job.

      4. I rarely record the performance from the sound board to one of the cameras. I record to a digital recorder and mix it in post.

      Good luck.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.



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      when I get that type of gig, I normally also provide a live feed to 1, 2 or 3 projectors (Big screen). we use 6 cameras (4 HD PTZ with an operator and two handheld HD Cameras) to cover the event that we mix live for the projection. I record the video to 2-DVD’s and Hard Drive

      i get the Manager of the group to sign a release and i give them a letter stating that the video is ONLY used for my contract with the Organizer

      1. I asked the sound engineer for a feed that I connect to my sound board

      2. I connect a Mic to my sound board to pick upambientsound

      3. I mix everything so that i get good clear sound

      3. I have a portable zoom H-4N digital recorder connected to my soundboard output.

      4. Ialso send a feed from the sound board into one of my Camera’s for additional back up

      5. send the feed to my dvd’s burners and hard drive.

      6. i give one of the DVD’s to the group manager

      this way we are double andtriplecovered!

      I realize it may be much for your event but that’s how we handle live events!

      basically its a 4 man operation. but gives fantastic results!



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