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      Live Capturing Video (Sony Z7)capture software tomakesequential indivual AVI files or similiareverytime the pause buttonis pressed. Does anyone makesuch a sotware or plugin to createsingle files

      Capture to files to computerinstead of one long filesoyou don’t have to stop and start the capture softwarewithouttyping a new name and start capture software on the computeragain.

      If you have any ideaswill begreatly appreciated,require this feature for aexpermental project.


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      What are you trying to do with it? I don’t know of any software but there might be a workaround. I boughta Brinno Garden Cam to take shots at set intervals, and that compiles them all into a “movie” that I can edit and remove parts I don’t want. I also have game/scouting cameras that are motion activated and shoot videos for 10 ro 60 seconds at a time. That’s another possibility. Other than that, perhaps if you can give us some idea what you’re trying to do (without giving away the whole project if that’s a concern) someone might know of some software. Seems like most cameras automatically make sequencial files–could you have the camera just do that and then download them to the computer all at once later on after the camera has already named them sequentially for you?

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      well, try this software:

      maybe do some help for you

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