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      I am in the process of purchasing a new laptop and editing software and I am leaning towards Sony Vegas Pro, I have heard good things and the price is a little better than some others. I am wondering if I can do live capture with Vegas Pro 9. My camera and laptop will have firewire but I can’t find any mention of live capture with Vegas Pro. I guess I am looking for a solution similar to OnLocation with Adobe Premiere.

      I don’t really need to be mobile wiith the video I am shooting so I thought this would allow me to save some money on recording storage solutions. It may become necessary to have two different cameras involved for separate angles of the same scene. This is all very new to me so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I would especially like to avoid making a huge purchasing mistake and discovering it after it is too late.



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      Sure you can capture live. In Vegas a video source is a video source. You need a fast enough hard drive to be able to handle the data coming at it but that’s it. WhenI start Vegas Pro and go to “capture” it defaults to my connected webcam where I could live capture if I wanted. If I connect and switch on my Sony I get the picture from it, if it’s in cam mode, or the play screen if it is in VTR mode.

      So the short answer is yes. You can capture from any source you connect.

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      Wonderful, thanks for the insight!

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