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For all those who have been a part of our Lighting for Video webinar recently or in the past, we felt it might be a good idea to post the links that we give in the webinar for all to enjoy here. I'll try to be as descriptive with the links as possible by putting them into categories.

Lighting Gear

  1. Really affordable light kit that will work for most interview situations from Smith Victor. It has two umbrellas and a backlight (excuse the long link):
  2. A great company for fluorescent lighting:
  3. The leader in LED lighting. Their lights are being used in the White House and in feature films:
  4. A good set of scoop lights from Cool-Lux that we use in a lot of our productions. Comes with two softlights and a backlight:
  5. An industry standard in lighting kits from Mole-Richardson:
  6. A great starter 3-Point lighting kit from ARRI's Softbank Series:
  7. A great and incredibly affordable 4-point LED lighting kit from FloLight:
  8. Another great and affordable 3-Point fluorescent lighting kit from FloLight:
  9. The most durable, heavy, and professionally used stands in the business:
  10. If you're looking to replace your "standard" industrial fluorescent tubes with 3200K balanced ones you can get the lamps here from Kino-Flo:

Lighting Gear Reviews

  1. Kino-Flo 400 Fluorescent Light Kit Review:
  2. Arri H-2 "Hybrid" Kit Review:
  3. LitePanels LP 1x1 Bi-Color LED Review (expensive but incredibly useful):

Lighting Properties

  1. Great article on the different lamp types:
  2. Good article about working with different color temperatures:

Lighting Controls

  1. Article on how to stay safe with lighting:
  2. Using Diffusion article:
  3. Article on different diffusion methods:
  4. Article on using reflectors:
  5. Another great article on using reflectors like a pro:

Lighting Design

  1. If you're looking for a step by step video on how to get good 3-point lighting check out this video:
  2. A helpful video on how to make interview lighting look good:
  3. A great article on 3-point lighting:
  4. Article showing how to light for different moods:
  5. Article showing how to control outdoor lighting:
  6. An excellent training DVD that can take you from an amateur to a pro in video lighting:

Hopefully you've all found this list helpful and we look forward to having you back soon!