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      I just recently got the Sony HDD camcorder (DCR-SR220). I have Final Cut Express on my Macbook and I recently found out that my Macbook doesn’t even recognize the video type that the camcorder records the videos in. I looked at the video file on my PC and it says it’s a type of MPEG2 file. It plays on the PC but all my editing software is on my Macbook. So I decided to get a converter to convert those video files from the camcorder. No matter what type of file I convert it to, I always get these lines across the video when there’s any kind of motion.

      Firstly, I’d like to know what those lines really are. Then I need help as to how to avoid them or fix them somehow. It’d be nice to know how to edit those video files without even converting them. If anyone knows how to help me, it’d be much appreciated.

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      Assuming the “lines” aren’t there when you view the video via your camera…

      …what comes to my mind is one of two possibilities, not knowing fully how those “lines” actually LOOK to you.

      Digital imaging in many cameras can create jagies over certain elements – curbs, flag poles, hard vertical/horizontal objects, roof lines of houses/buildings, etc. that appear to “crawl” as the camera moves along them. Or, in the conversion, if going from Interlaced to Progressive Scan, or back, however your conversion process is doing it, lines might be created, or in the event of interlaced, depending on what your “lines” look like, they could be the odd or even fields dropping out.

      If playback from the camera is showing these lines then it is entirely possible that the camera circuitry is screwed up. If it were tape I’d suspect clogged or dirty recording heads. But…

      These are the possible causes of which I am aware, but I have no suggestions as to how to avoid or fix them with your camera and FCE, or PC conversions. Somebody here will eventually pop on with more information.

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      hrmm…video playback on the camcorder doesn’t show those lines at all. i think it most likely has to do something with the conversion of the video file itself. but those lines show up like crazy when there’s any kind of motion or movement (whether it’s the object/person or the camera moves). still, is there a way to edit those videos without even having to convert them? i don’t even know why my macbook can’t even read the video files the camcorder saves them as.

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      This could be a number of things.

      First, you haven’t mentioned what format you are trying to edit. Is this SD or HD? If HD, what format?

      Second, MPEG2 isn’t very good for editing, so you should be converting the video before you edit, which you already stated you are doing. However, you haven’t explained how you’re going about the conversion nor do we know what you’re trying to convert to. You should be using Compressor, but I doubt you have it since you said you’re using FCE. And I can’t tell you how to properly convert because you haven’t mentioned what you are recording.

      Third, if you’re not using an external monitor, then you don’t know what you’re video truly looks like. You’re not supposed to believe what you’re computer screen shows you. Since you stated you are using a Macbook, I’m guessing the windows of FCE are small so they all fit in the screen. If the video is not being viewed at 100%, you will possibly see black lines that aren’t really there. That’s why you need an external monitor…so you know exactly what you’re video looks like.

      So for us to help you, fill us in the details.

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      the lines you are seeing is interlacing. You are watching it on your computer monitor which is an LCD, Yes? Those lines will not be present on an interlaced monitor or TV.

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      I agree with Earl and JB. About the Interlacing.

      When there is alot of motion you will begin to see the interlacing field effect. If you don’t understand the term, go to http://www.whatis.comand search for Interlaced Video vs Progressive Scan Video. That should clear it up.

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      ok. i’ve gotten good answers from you all. just to fill in some info i’ve left out…the camcorder records it in mpeg2 format (which my macbook can’t read). on my PC i’ve converted to all sorts of avi and mpeg videos. i just use a small program that converts it. maybe that interlaces the video? i guess what i want to ask is how do i keep the video from getting the interlacing field effect?

      or if anyone knows, how i could easily edit the video using a macbook or at all.

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      well you have a choice, either shoot interlace video or progressive. neither one is bad

      Like I said, get an external monitor or TV to connect to your mac so you know exactly what your image looks like. I have a good feeling you will not see the lines on an external monitor or TV.

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