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      I have a very specific application I could use a little input on.

      I make whitewater rafting videos as one part of my business. I pre-edit intro footage and ending credits on Final Cut Pro at my home studio to add to my daily raft tapes. I then shoot rafting while editing in-camera. I add the credits to the end of the tape, rewind it and mix the audio as I record the movie on DVD right in front of my customers.

      The problem is in how the jogging reacts. I recently purchased the Sony HDR-HC7. I bought it for the dual record function and handheld HD (need to run whitewater with a small camera). First off is that when hit the slow motion, there is a 2 second pause before the slo-mo starts. It is rather painful to watch after a couple times. I also frequently use the reverse button to put people back in the raft if they crash and it is ultra pixelated and skips a few frames.

      Does anyone know of a deck/HD mini-dv player that will play smooth slow-mo/reverse without glitches? I have an HDR-FX1 that does start the slo-mo better, but the reverse is horrible. This is very specific that I record live, in front of my custies.

      ANY help would be appreciated.

      On a side note, I also purchased this camera to take stills at the same time on memory stick. The pics are beautiful but… you can only take 3 while recording. i used to clip a point-and-shoot on the top of my SD video cameras, shoot and hope for the best. Does anyone know if this something that Sony may be able to fix in a firmware update in the future, or is something like that always going to be the way the camera operates?

      Thank you very much for any help.


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      im kind of confused about this… but i think the problem with the 2 seconds is the deck needs time to slow down maybe. i dont necesarlly know but a slow mo effect could be done in final cut. If your going to be using final cut for editing credits and such you may as well use it for the whole video and slowing down video is very easy by just right clicking on the track and slowing it down.

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      It all comes down to speed. I don’t have time to download HD video to my FCP system. Basically, I shoot video on the river, rush back, rewind the tape and need to edit and make copies directly in front of my customers to sell right away. I must shoot in HD because I am taking stills as well, plus I want to move into HD as quickly as possible. I am best off displaying the video right away, it is a part of the paft trip. I found that my HDR-FX1 has no delay at the start of as slow motion but it does hold a few frames when going back to regular speed.
      Thank you.
      I do realize linear editing is not something anyone talks about anymore, but I am a rare case.

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      well there is really nothing you can do about it…i guess wiht a linear editor you could cut out those frames but even then you would be cutting to a different tape. your best bet is to sell the raw footage and let those who get it to edit it if they would like.

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