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      I have a Canon GL2 on order. Its primary use will be to video chuch services. We have a 32 channel Allen & Heath audio mixer board. I desire to have the audio source be the mixed output of this board. We record the audio on CD which has a limiter/compressor in front of it to keep from overdriving the audio recording. My though is to use the input to the CD recorder as the source of the input to the GL2. This is a line level signal. Here are my questions:

      1. Can I connect this signal into the audio input of the AV connector on the GL2 and record the audio while the video is being shot (not sure if this works only when dubbing sound).
      2. If this won’t work can I use a 30 dB pad and input the audio in the external mic input?
      3. Any other recommendations, thoughts, or precautins? What is a good source for pads?

      Thanks for your help.


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      Although you apparently do not have the manual, I looked it up on the Canon web site. According to the manual, your audio inputs are capable of using most audio signals. There is an attenuator on the mic in that will effectively “pad” the audio down to usable levels. So before you get too carried away, try using the camcorder’s controls first.

      Good Luck.

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      I have just recently learned a great way to use the GL2 through a mixer board. One problem that you will find when you plug you camera straight into the mixer is that it will only record on the left audio channel (mono). If you want a smooth connection that recordes stero you will need to buy a XLR-BP Pro (or something like it). I recently got one from Studio One Productions. Go to the following link to check it out It works really well.

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      There are a lot of far less expensive solutions to running a mono line-out from a mixer. I have to agree that most audio techs are not mixing a stereo output from the board. But I cannot recall an occasion when the mixer didn’t have an unbalanced, line-out. It has usually been a 1/4″ plug on the mixer so you can run the audio on a standard, “guitar” cable. Or a cable with a mono 1/4″ jack on both ends.

      What I’ve generally used is that mono cable, usually borrowed from the sound tech. )I find I don’t lose so many of my cables by accident if we use theirs.) So now I use a couple of adapters. First is the 1/4″ mono male to a 1/8″ mono male, plugged into a simple 1/8″ mono male to a 1/8″ stereo male. Works like a charm for under $15 at Radio Shack, or wherever.

      I’ve used the unbalanced outputs on numerous occasions and never had a problem. While I’d be willing to argue about the value of balanced cables for mics, the line signal leaks out of the cable so very few sources can cause interference. And I’m not talking about vagarious ideas of natural superiority, but actual field production on shoestring budgets while still getting superior results. Sorry, I think that sounds a lot like boasting. Or some sort of weird rant on cables. So, never mind!

      But what I’ve always recommended is a simple test. Try the cheap option to discover how well it actually works, or not. If you find yourself with audio problems, try to locate the actual source of the problem. Running audio cables along active power cords will degrade any signal. And I’ve picked up enough hums when the camcorder is using AC power, that I find it safer to use battery power for recording. But I digress, my point here is that trying the simpler solution is often all you need to solve the problem.

      So try some stuff when you get the camcorder. You’re gonna want to play with it anyway. Maybe the unbalanced line out doesn’t work, but there is a balanced XLR line out. All you may need is an XLR male to an 1/8″ mono male adapter, then the same mono to stereo adapter as before. It’s all the kind of stuff I try to keep in my VX2100’s case. The full collection of adapters is too large to tote around, but several of the few items I frequently need are adapters to connect my mini-plug stereo input with a variety of sources.

      So anyway, perhaps I have, once again, gone on too long. Good luck in your future productions.

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