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      I’m wondering if any of you have gone this route. I figure that since I’m going to be at the wedding anyway, and since I invest my time and expense to offer free consultations, I might be able to make some money by investing in a limo or classic car. The car would be an investment, as it would appreciate instead of depreciate like new cars. It would also be a write off, and I could pay it off through fees as a wedding getaway vehicle that I would chauffer. (Plus, if I got a classic car I could have a lot of fun on the side!!) Thoughts?


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      owning and co-branding services is one thing….splitting your attention too many ways is another.
      Got a brother-in-law or son that wants to earn a few bucks driving? I fail to see how one person could set up a camera to capture the brides arrival, while actually driving the bride……

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      You know, I’ve noticed that few brides use getaway cars anyore.

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      Focus your attention on offering highest quality film making services for weddings, rather than becoming a one stop shop.  You might work with limo companies to offer additional services to your clients, getting a percentage reward for finding clients.  That would save the money of investing into a limo and still allow you to focus on videography.  



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