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      Hi folks,
      I have been researching info on videography and chroma-keying for the past few days. I am wanting to do some videos (instructional and others) with virtual studios. I have downloaded a few demos of software but thought I would just ask…

      What is the best keying software that is both economical (say, around $100 or less if possible) and provides an easy to use keying and editing interface? I want easy, but I also want to appear quality without having to pay significantly for it. I do have Adobe After Effects 5.0 but it is kind of old (around 10 years old I think??) and I haven’t been able to get anything to work with it.


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      Low price software have about same technology and naturally offer same performance. With low price product the background represent one surface and must be lighted more uniformely, and the background must be smooth as possible. Talent about 6 feet in front and camera about 6 to 9 feet in front of talent that means you need a room with a minimum of 12 feet x 17 feet long (24 better) at least 4 black box, 2to light the green screen and 2 for the talent + a small lamp to light the should in the back. If you light using a good setup any software can fit your work. That means with the eye dropper you pickup the green color and with the other button you adjust the pixel range value that all pixel inside this range becomes transparent. With time you learn and you need to buy all you need starting from a good software and light boxes, good green screenbackground etc…

      You can start easily without to invest too much.



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      I use Pinnacle Studio 14 HD Ultimate to my Green screen shooting, it has a easy to work with green screen package. There are a ton of videos on Youtube on how to green screen, cheap and easy if you want. Between this site and Youtube, you should be able to green screen any video you want, very easily.

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      Hi again,

      Pinnacle Studio 14 or 15 is a good starter solution, a step over this is Avid Studio. If you want to start using low budget go to Home Hardware and buy Philipps Swirl lamp (Bright light) is 5000K lamp, buy from store a medium green cloth (Green color like CMYK 60-0-70-20) or Pantone DS 284-3C and you are in business. Also you can use common neon (Day Light) but don’t mix light source.



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       I use Adobe Premiere Elements 8 for my green screen stuff.  It’s not perfect but for $79 it does a pretty good job.  I think version 10 is the latest.

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