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      Are you a film student? A video producing hobbyist? Maybe you’re in the film business? Or, just the average Joe/Jane that thinks he/she has the chops to product a great viral video. Well here’s your chance!

      To celebrate the launch of Levia, a new medical device that uses UVB light to safely and effectively treat the symptoms of psoriasis, we want you to show us your vision of how light can heal, and we want to give you one thousand dollars for it.

      For more details please visit:

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      So contest participants are supposed to go out and find a doctor using your product, convince said doctor to let them shoot the product in action, then produce a video at their own expense of a quality to both represent your product and be engaging enough to go viral all on the hope that you’ll pay them $1k for it? Just spend the cash and get a firm that specializes in that kind of thing. You’ll come out the better for it.

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      Hmmm. I read it another way. My understanding was to produce a video showing your vision of the healing powers of light, not specific to their product. Kinda like how light therapyhelps those that have a hard time with winter’s darkness.

      I do agree that $1000 for something that might become a part of their ad campain seemssmall compared to what they would gain,and no garantees that they would not just use the idea instead of the actual video for their ads. Sounds like they may be short on visionandlooking forsomeone to show them thelight.

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      “Sounds like they may be short on visionandlooking forsomeone to show them thelight.”


      Which is why in my professional opinion I say they’d be better off just going to a pro firm to conceive and make their ‘viral’ video that’s on point with their product instead of trying to get something for free (excuse me $1k) that will be assuredly more ‘miss than hit’.

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      Let’s not make “light” of the subject 😉

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      “Let’s not make “light” of the subject”

      Badumpbump! Point to EarlC.

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      bang bang, just do it.

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