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      Core Question: How muchnoticeabledifference is there between 3000K-3200K and 3200K-3500K light sources? ( I am shooting with a sony PD 150)?

      I have a studio with indirectfluorescentlighting. It makes for very even well distributed light that is very easily filled and accented but of course the standard household flourescent temp of 4300K does not mix with my 3200K cans.

      I have found 3000K and/or 3500K flourescent bulbs for less than $1.50 each. Whereas 3200K bulbs to fit a standard fixture run almost $20.00 per bulb.(there are total 48 bulbs in the space)

      I work alone and the time savings for set-up would be tremendous if I could use the house lightsin my lighting strategies as there are many different sub-stages with-in the space and I will move from one to another with a given subject within the same shoot.

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      hmm…I don’t know for sure, but I would be surprised if it was a huge difference.

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      I would do some small tests but probably not much of difference.

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      Thanks, checked out your site, great concept.

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