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      I’m new to the videography industry, but it’s an add on to my portrait photography company. Currently my studio strobes will not work for the video lighting so I’m looking at getting some good lights. I seem in my research that people are talking about different kinds of light. Everything from a Softbox with a CFL bulb in it all the way up to 1,000 watt studio lights.

      What do you all use for your lights? I personally don’t use softboxes in my photography, we use home made diffusers instead. I find they work much better than the softboxes, and cost a fraction of the price.

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      I have an 1,800 watt NRG system that was affordable and has lasted me many years. It has solid light stands (but NOT mega heavy duty) that are study, one if a focused (flood to spot) and one has barn doors. I used these extensively with toughspun diffusion clothespinned in front of them to soften the light. But they do draw the power and aren’t that great for quick setup/breakdown at small gigs.

      So, Jay Michael Log (AspyRider and JML Multimedia) a participant here and good friend (yes he’s a VST associate) recommended this very affordable light rig. The stands are almost laughable (too short and wimpy) but the system is GREAT for quick setup/breakdown at video gigs (interviews, for example) with two lamps, two stands, two umbrellas, and not so hungry for juice. They work excellently for close work.

      Check them out here. Jay and I both use them and give them a thumbs up.

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      You have to be kidding me. They look just like a house lamp screwed onto a light stand with CFL bulbs in them. Is that what I’m seeing?

      You know Earl, you seem to be the one answering most of my questions. I should just email you instead. Thanks for the help. I am definately going to look at these lights. I have stronger light stands for my portrait photography as well, so if these stands are not that sturdy, I could use my current stands.

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      By the Way, what are the wattages of the bulbs in these lights?

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      It is late and I hope I make some sense here.

      These are a bit more pricy, but for my wedding business I work solo and the Swat 3 light LED kit fromFlo Light works wonders for me – very easy to set up and take down in a hurry and the entire setup takes up very little space and does not get in the way. They are fully dimmable, and come with plenty of gels. They can use camera batteries to remain wireless. Add 2-3 stands to this and you are good to go! Also the versitility of being able to add one of these lights directly to the camera is a plus as well.

      It is a bit pricy for the setup yes I know ($749)- but for speed, space saving, and easy set up this was worth it to me. I also have had a LitePanels light for a while, and the Flo-Light completely blows away the LitePanels similar sized light at full power. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about CFLs breaking or having to cool down before putting them away.

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      Might I add the construction of these lights is full aluminum, and much higher quality than the all plastic design of my LitePanels light.

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      I don’t own these but they always seemed to have a decent product for a decent price. Anyone buy from them?

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      what are your current studio strobes?

      I found out that simply upgrading my modelling lamps got my studio gear up to the task of shooting both video and stills.

      I also find that if you’re good with your hands, a trip to any hardware store can get you decent results on a budget.

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