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      So basically I’ve done the whole work light thing for my movies and i even have a few semi pro photo lights with some diffusion umbrellas I like to use to light my scenes. But I still run into the problem where my subject is lit relatively well but the light, even though diffused, still blasts the background and the rest of the scene. When i see scenes in moves every light looks contained and only lights the specific subject or object. Even when i use the things as a backlight, it floods my lens with glare. I’ve diffused them to lessen the light but it still gives the whole room im lighting an overall glow. Any ideas/help?

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      When you use a three-point lighting setup, make sure that your key light and your fill light are approximately at a 45 degree angle from the camera. Bring the lights higher than the level of the camera and tilt them down at around a 30 or 45 degree angle, whichever you’re comfortable with. Make sure your backlight is also higher than the level of the camera.

      To reduce glare coming into your lens, i suggest using a UV Filter.

      In reference to the background being blasted with light, try using a better diffuser on the light, egg crate diffusers help to cut down a lot of light. Also, make sure that your background light is not too close to your background, you want the light at it’s closest distance at 3-4 feet at an angle from the background.

      Here’s an excellent training video for lighting that you should check out, it’s called “Lighting Made Simple”, and you can buy it on, click on the Video Instructional tab.

      I hope some of this information was helpful.

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      Soft light boxes are designed to given evenly-spread, as opposed to focused, light sources, making for a sweeter illumination similar to an overcast day, or spreading a white sheet on poles above the outdoor shooting area. Just another way to approach things…

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      Check out the Tips and Tricks videos here in the Vidcast sectionas well. They are some good examples of lighting techniques in demonistraion to better understand. Example is

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      In response to VAFilmmaker,

      I’ve made sure to do all the right angles and stuff in terms of lighting. I think my issues is either power of the light relative to it’s distance. And then of course how much spill it has considering they are flood lights. In reference to the UV Filter though, that’s a good idea, I’m going to try that. And also in reference to the background light comment, that makes a lot of sense. I’m still trying to figure out the right distances for the light. I wil definitely check out that video.

      In response to EarlC,

      I’ve definitely fell in love with the even spread of soft light using the umbrellas, and is giving me great results outdoors, but when im indoors, that soft even cast is making my lighting flat. How do i add definition and depth. The light is covering a lot more htan just the subject making it more apparent there is a light and more unnatural.

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      A key, and hair light, in conjunction with the soft light spread should even out yet define, without excessive harshness, your video.

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      Check out Film & TV guru Victor Milt’s, “Light it Right” DVD. Not only will it touch on all the topics mentioned in this post, he’ll show you how to build your own softboxes on the way cheap.

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