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      Hello guys
      I need to shoot a small home video happening in an apartment living room. Can anyone suggest lighting for close ups and wide angle shots.
      Thanks in advance

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      Those lights you can get at the hardware store work well too when you bounce them off of walls or the ceiling.

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      If the room has a white ceiling, then bouncing plenty of light from this produces nice soft lighting – you still need some kind of key light – this can be light from outside if it can’t be avoided, but watchfor colour balance problems – you may end up having to colour correct any tungsten lighting you use.

      If your camera is sensitive enough, then the real room lighting may be ok, but could also mean shallower depth of field as the lense is working pretty well wide open. If you do decide to use the existing light, a decent size monitor is critical to make sure the images are what you want – small lcd camera monitors may hide some defects.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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