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      Ive had a canon 7d for a while now but never really done any video work in low lit conditions inside a nightclub. Im looking to get into promotional nightclub videos and i’ve seem some videos which i love and would like to know how to go about getting a similar look.

      Firstly whats the on board lighting that will light up my shot and not blind people. ?

      What are the recommended ISO settings, shutter speed, aperture, i have the 50mm 1.4f canon lens this is the one i would like to use for the shallow depth of field, but ive read elsewhere that the aperture should be over 3f?

      Here is an example of the look i would like what settings do you think has been used here, and how do they get that purple colour tone into the video ? Is it a magic bullet plugin done in post ?

      the video link is –

      any help or discussion about nightclub indoor video shooting would be much appreciated..

      Thank you kindly

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